April 14, 2016 1 Comment All, Spirituality

Why I chose to study Primordial Sound Meditation

“You know your destiny – it’s that magnetic feeling that pushes you down the same path time and again no matter how hard you battle against it”  -WIIDLO


From a young age I have always known I wanted more from life than things that were so readily available to me as a lower level pleasure, as the great philosopher Mill once explained. I wanted more than money and nice things, I wanted more than to look pretty or be defined as ‘cool’. I have always felt a connection to nature, especially the energy around us. I have always felt I could see and hear things that were on a different vibration to my consciousness; I just never understood how to tap into this.


Being raised as a Hindu was where my interest in meditation began. From a young age I was taught mantras by those around me, I have different mantras that I recite depending on what I am trying to achieve internally and I have now begun to subconsciously do this.


I am extremely passionate about spirituality and wellbeing it is no longer just an interest of mine but it has a part of my identity. For a long while I have felt lost. It was as though I did not know myself. I lost my identity and it is my spirituality that has kept me alive by pushing me forward. After searching for many years I believe my purpose is to spread love and to help others.


In particular I want to focus on making it my mission to help the younger generation not to go through the negative thought processes I did. I believe in order to help others you must first help yourself. You must be equipped with the best tools in order to help others deal with their emotions and too make an impact. Which is what I am doing on my journey. I have sought out the best teachers, Dr Deepak Chopra, Anthony Robbins, and in my opinion the specialists in every area I am seeking to grow myself.


I am unsure where life will lead me, but I am trusting the Universe has it’s plan for me. What I am sure of is that I am working towards finding peace and helping others to do the same. Meditation has quieted and strengthened my mind, two attributes I used to see as opposites but now understand how effective they are when used together.