What is your “What If”?


WIIDLO was created because it was my ‘What If’ scenario.

It was the thing that was holding me back. I wanted to quit my job. I wanted to delve deeper into spirituality. I wanted to teach my generation meditation, but I kept thinking ‘What If.’

I wasn’t acting on my dreams. 

What if I stopped listening to that little fearful voice in my head? What if I quit my job? What if I put myself out there to help other people? 

I think so many of us live our lives on the basis of what other people think we should be doing as opposed to what we actually want to do and a lot of the time were so caught up with societies BS stereotypes we cant even remember what we like doing anymore. This happened to me and I was lost for so long. I want to make sure no-one ever feels how I felt.

I’d love for to share your ‘What if’ Moments and things that are holding you back. 

Tag your photos with #WIIDLO on Instagram with a comment about your ‘What if’ and I will be featuring them here on the site.