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Tony Robbins UPW London 2016: Event Review

Who is Tony Robbins?

Trying to define Tony is like trying to describe a feeling. You can talk about it all you want but in the end no-one will understand it unless they have felt it. Tony teaches self-love and self-help, one of the first things he said to us is “you are not broken,you do not need to be fixed.” He teaches you to REALIZE this yourself.

Tony teaches individuals, business owners, celebrities, politicians, anyone and everyone to achieve whatever it is they are looking for. Whether that is to overcome depression or to get rid of a cancerous tumor, Tony has done it.


Event Review

Let me start by saying that nothing I write here will ever be as good as going to UPW in the flesh. I have watched so many Tony Robbins YouTube clips, listened to most of his audio tapes and read most of his books, nothing prepared me for UPW and the way it smacked me bang in the face and changed my life.

I studied neuro linguistic strategies in Jan 2016 and I vividly remember one of my peers saying after UPW you will have no hesitation in life. If you wanted to run face first into a brick wall you would with no fear. I didn’t get what he meant, until I went.

If you are thinking about going, stop reading this review, book it and go.

If you would still like to read the review then that’s OK too, keep reading. I refuse to diverge any of the tools or strategies he uses out of pure respect for him. I also believe if you do go you need to experience some things without knowing they are going to come in order for them to have MASSIVE IMPACT on you. I have provided an overview of the event below and what to expect. Enjoy!

Hints & Tips

SIT ALONE- this is my number one piece of advice. Make sure you sit alone if you attend the seminar with other people. Facing your fears and unleashing the power within must come from you alone. Sitting with people who care about you may actually stunt your growth during this process.

Take layers as the room fluctuates from ice cold to really warm, and I’m not over exaggerating.

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. You have long days and you dance and jump around a lot so make sure you’re comfortable.

Take food that you can eat quickly. Some days you don’t break for 10-12 hours. I would suggest energy foods like cut up veggies, brown bread sandwiches, nuts, etc.

There is nowhere to re-fill your water bottle if you are doing UPW at the London Excel so take more than one bottle as it can get pricey.

If you don’t see a break coming any time soon go to the toilet when people start dancing you can normally run back in time to make the end.

Smile and dance when you are trying to get out of the seminar room. There is nothing worse than someone with an angry face pushing their way out of the room when you are in a happy state. People are more likely to move if you high 5 them and smile as you weave your way out too!

When choosing your seat- every seat is a good seat. It is more about the experience than about being able to see Tony in person. I purchased a Gold ticket (the lowest one) and got upgraded to a VIP through a group my sister purchased hers through. The Gold seating was just as good as the VIP. Most days I sat on the row closest to gold in between two isles because the energy there was phenomenal. I personally don’t think it’s worth paying for an upgrade unless you are purchasing the top tickets which are genuinely spitting distance from Tony.

Try not to use your phone, I understand you want to capture the feelings and the moments but nothing compares to being in the moment and letting yourself 100% feel what you need too.

Tony will run over so make sure however you are getting home is a flexible method. It’s best not to pre book taxis etc.

Go with an open mind and no judgement you will be cuddling, massaging, laughing and crying with complete strangers.

Day 1 Thursday 7th April 2016. 12:00 pm– 12:00 am.

This is the day you walk on fire.

This whole day is run by Tony. For me this day was working out why I was at UPW and what did I want to leave with?

Tony spoke about discovering our six human needs.

Tony asked us:

Out of the 6 needs which two have you been valuing most?

What are the consequences of valuing these needs so highly?

What do the top 2 needs NEED to be in order for your life to transform?

& finally if you made the choice to change what would transform in your life?

We spoke a lot about our greatest fears. We were told to get into pairs with someone we had not spoken to or worked with today (there are a lot of paired activities) we stood head on with a stranger and told them our greatest fear.  We told them what benefit this fear had given us and why we should be free of this fear going forward from NOW.

Tony then told us this was the person we would be walking on the hot coals with, not the people we had come with. Even walking to the fire walk gave me the biggest buzz, it was the best energy I have ever felt in my life. 8,000 people chanting “YES” in unison. I felt as though I was unstoppable at the point in time (which I was!)

The fire walk is no joke. It is 2000 F of burning hot coals that you are putting your flesh on top of. This experience proved to me that the mind can do amazing things once you learn to control it.

The fire walk has been used in African tribes for hundreds of years. When something bad happens in their village they are all lined up and told to walk the fire. They believed the Gods would burn the person who had done the bad deed. The person who is lying will always be caught out because they are so nervous to walk the fire and not in a certain, confident state…INCREDIBLE.

After walking the fire you feel a new level of closeness to yourself and to all of the amazing souls who you are surrounded by. I was literally being carried, cuddled and engulfed by so many different people and so much different forms of love by the end of this day.

Day 2 Friday 8th April 2016. 9:30 am – 09:00pm

The second day Tony isn’t present which was a shock for most people. Joseph McClendon hosts the day. Tony appears on a video link so you are still able to hear from him throughout the day. This is because Tony was told he no longer will have a working voice box if he continues to speak the amount he does.  This day was focussed around what our passion was and how to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.  Joseph is just as playful as Tony and teaches you when life gets tough to just “SHAKE THAT ASS,” his energy is so infectious!

Day 3 Saturday 9th April 2016 9:30 am – 02:30am

This was by far THE BEST DAY. If you think walking on fire is amazing wait until you go through day 3.

This day was about eliminating all limiting beliefs and focusing on what areas of our lives we needed to grow in. We learned the 3 pillars of success as to how to become a master in anything you set your mind too.

I’m not going to unveil everything about the day because I think not knowing is so much more effective, especially for this day and I don’t want to ruin your journey but I will share with you that I cried like I’ve never cried before, laughed so much that my stomach hurt and left the room being completely in love with myself and my life.  Tony made me some NEW memories I will carry with me throughout my life and disposed of all painful memories that no longer served me.

On this day Tony cried with us all at the end of the seminar saying “there’s very few moments in my life when I’m lost for fucking words.”


Top tip for day 3 is after about 2pm do not leave the seminar room. Your life is about to change at this point.

Day 4 Sunday 10th April 2016 10:00 am – 09:00 pm

Before I went to UPW I read really bad reviews about day 4. I disagree with all of those reviews!!!  I definitely enjoyed this day. This day was focused around ‘The Power of Pure Energy.’ We learned about how to feed our bodies, not only via food but through oxygen, water, oils, alkalizing foods, exercise, alignment in your body, a focused and directed mind.

Since January 2016 I have been a ‘pescatarian,’ I put it in quotation marks because I regularly had slips! I found it very difficult and I did not understand why until after UPW. Tony (in digital form) educates us on the gifts we can give ourselves to have optimum energy as well as the poisons we put into our body. The poisons being: processed fats, animal flesh, dairy products, and acid addictions. The videos we watched struck a chord with me and solidified my decision to cut out meat, 4 days into my new life and I no longer feel any hunger pangs towards wanting meat, dairy or any of the other addictions. I hope this happens for you all too!

Everything we were taught on this day is so simple. It’s not rocket science! Yet as a society today we have forgotten how to nourish our bodies.

I walked out of there vowing to always be conscious of what I was ingesting.

I also fell in love with Joseph McClendon this day, on day 2 I was quite hesitant to like him “No one compares to Tony” was the story I told myself but by day 4 he had definitely stolen my heart too.


P.S If you are still reading and are not convinced it’s probably not for you and you shouldn’t go!!!