May 1, 2016 0 Comments All, Wellbeing

The power of music

Music is my biggest vice. IN THE MOST POSITIVE WAY OF COURSE! Is there anyone out there that feels lost in silence? I know that’s a strange thing for a meditation instructor to say but the truth is when I meditate I am seldom in silence. I am speaking to the universe through my breath, my soul, my body. I am so aware of all of the millions of cells inside me that are working to keep me in the state I am. I never feel the quiet when I meditate. I have felt many emotions during meditation but never the quiet.

My top tip to anyone out there having a bad day or suffering from depression, anxiety, self-esteem issues, is listen to music from your childhood. For me that’s the likes of Whitney Houston, Marvin Gaye, Disney songs, Jackie Wilson, B2K, Cleopatra (strange mix for a strange girl). Putting on this music automatically sends triggers from your brain to make you feel the way you did at that age. Carefree, excited, non-judgmental, whatever it may be you have all these emotions at your fingertips. Pair an upbeat childhood song with a walk or run and you will 100% feel better than you did.

You control your mind it does not control you. You can change your state of wellbeing at any point; you don’t need a permission slip from anyone to do so. Get rid of the story you are telling yourself as to why you SHOULD feel sad. Events only hold the meaning we attach to them. Try and see everything as a positive or an interesting challenge.

Remember you feed your mind body and soul through all 5 senses. Be aware of what you are ingesting.