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Review of Cowspiracy Documentary



Cowspiracy is a documentary on how the raising of livestock is the top contributor to all environmental issues the planet is currently suffering.

One of my friends suggested I watch this documentary as part of my new lifestyle choice. Some of the things I learned shocked me to my core. Keep reading to see what I took away with me:

¼ pound hand burger takes 660 gallons of water to make which is basically the same as showering for 2 months. An egg takes 447 gallons of water and a block of cheese takes 900 gallons of water to make. That water is used for cleaning the animals, growing the food for the animals and drinking water for the animals.

2,500 gallons of water is needed for 1 pound of beef. LET THAT MARINATE.

When you research how to help the environment and how to live a life that is more sustainable for the universe. From charitable organisations we are told; change your shower and toilet to a low flow water system, make sure your sprinklers have no leaks in them and you act responsibly when watering your garden. Quite small things considering there is an epidemic occurring with the world.

The leading cause of environmental damage is from raising livestock so why is this not spoken about more freely? We have ruined the world through trying to CLAIM the earth and the animals, this documentary really makes you take a step back to THINK about what we are doing in our everyday lives. We have been so conditioned to what ‘normal’ is and frankly it’s disgusting the amount of waste and death that we condone.

Organizations are ignoring animal agriculture because they know the government won’t support them if they go against the dairy or meat industry.


The fishing industry is being marketed as ‘safe’ if we eat responsibly sourced fish. This is not the case at all. The oceans are under siege, it has been predicted that the oceans will be fishless by the year 2048. How is eating any fish sustainable if this is the prediction? For every pound of fish caught there is up to 5 pounds of UNTARGETTED fish killed, the likes of dolphins and sharks are killed purely sheer to mistakes and laziness when fishing for ‘non-endangered’ fish. 40-50 million sharks are killed in fishing nets as bi-kill. Sustainable fishing is something we have created to make ourselves feel better about killing in general. People want to half-heartedly help or try to farm ‘sustainably’ because it does not end up altering their lifestyle too much. If the oceans die, we will die. We need water to survive and we need to remember that.

Rainforest Devastation

Charities and organisations fail to mention what the leading cause of rainforest devastation is. It is drastic to say this but people who put themselves out there and speak up about rainforest often times get killed.

Sister Dorothy Stang is a nun who lived in the heart of the amazon rainforest she stood up for her beliefs about the environment and shortly after she was killed walking home one night. The sick truth is that over 1,100 activists have been killed in Brazil over the past 20 years.


The majority of antibiotics that are produced are administered to live stock before they are slaughtered for eating.

One of the main lies we tell ourselves is that grass fed animals or ‘organic’ animals are sustainable. After this documentary I realise this is WRONG. Grass fed animals are actually worse for the environment than other animals. The animals are raised for a longer period of time before they are slaughtered. 1 gallon of milk takes 1000 gallons of water to produce.

Cowspiracy asks the question “are dairy and meat industries funding these organisations and charities?” is this why they are not commenting on how raising livestock is causing the planet so much damage? None of the organisations interviewed wanted to comment on this. Funny that.

If we used all the food we are feeding animals we slaughter we could feed the entire world. You cannot be an environmentalist and eat animal products it doesn’t add up.

Is it possible to be a healthy vegan?

YES. I am actually so bored of having this debate with people. You do not need calcium from cows’ milk. The purpose of cow’s milk is to turn a 65pound calf into a 400pound cow as rapidly as possible. Milk is baby calf growth liquid. Regardless of how you choose to ingest dairy that is what it is designed to do.

In women dairy can give you breast lumps, a bigger uterus, fibroids, hysterectomies and the list goes on. Men with man boobs cut out the dairy and see what happens! Unless you have a tail, hooves and cow ears there really is no need to be consuming dairy.

YOU HAVE THE CHOICE EVERY DAY. By living a plant based lifestyle and living as a ‘vegan’ every day you are saving:

1100 gallons of water

45lbs of grain

30sq ft. of forest

10lbs of CO2

1 animal’s life

For the love of God, think before you eat.