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Passion into Pounds: Event Review

Hosted By:  Jessica Huie & Vicki Psaria

Duration: 1 hour

Location: Marleybone, UK

Cost: FREE

The first ‘personal development’ event I had the honor of attending in 2016 was a free event called “Turning your passion into pounds” I had just quit my 9-5 job (more like 7-7) job and I was on the hunt for inspiration.

The event took place in Marylebone at a quaint café called Aubaine. It was part of Stylist Magazines #ReclaimYourLunchBreak campaign. This involved a number of free lunchtime events allowing people to do exactly as they stated and “reclaim their lunch break.” Too often we get caught up in peering into a magazine or having our phone stuck to our hand in our lunch break and forget that is a small window of FREEDOM that we are given. A small amount of ME time we get.

The event was a women only event and obviously my inner feminist was on top form. There’s nothing better than feeling the energy of entrepreneurial go getter ladies so for me to be in the same room with so many was crazy uplifting.

The event was mainly focused at ladies who had a space in the digital business world as both Jessica Huie and Vicki Psaria.  I must admit I was not aware of who either of these inspirational ladies were until I heard their stories. The event started with them introducing themselves. Vicki spoke first about her decision to begin blogging under the name of “honest mum” after having her first child whilst on her maternity leave. Her mannerisms were addictively catching. I love people who speak with enthusiasm and as you watch their eyes you can see how excited they are to impart their wisdom onto you. I was truly in awe. Vicki spoke about how she began blogging and it how it took off. Jessica spoke next about her journey of working in a PR firm from a young age and truly being wined and dined on a great salary but also working all hours of the day. Her realisation of changing her lifestyle and opening her own PR agency called JH Public Relations came whilst on holiday one day when she found herself still working for someone else. Jess is also the founder of the Colour Blind Cards, a company which she spoke about with so much love. Coming from a multi-diverse background and having a multi-diverse child she found it so unsettling that no greeting cards had children from all races on the front so she began creating her own! When I attended this event I had not yet started writing or even had a website to begin blogging on I remember secretly thinking one day I will get Jessica to represent my blog too! You can dream anything you like into reality!

I recently had a look on Jessicas website and have seen Vicki and Jessica are pairing up again to run a further workshop on turning your passion into pounds this will definitely be something I attend.


Being a personal development junkie my favorite part of the event was when the ladies spoke about self-belief and having a ‘can do’ attitude.. music to my ears! I remember asking the question “where do I start, how do I begin writing?” the ladies laughed and said “just do it!! If you want it then make it happen for yourself!” Jessica stressed the importance of planning and writing all your goals and objectives down so you have something to work towards. This really resonated with me as this was something I had begun doing (mainly in the middle of the night when I was panic stricken and anxious about what I wanted from life and what my purpose on this earth was) but nonetheless I had still begun doing it!

This event was a huge milestone for me so I cannot sing its praises enough. I walked out of Aubaine feeling so inspired but most importantly realising the only thing I wanted to do was to write. I cannot thank Jessica and Vicki enough!

Also take a look at Vicki Psaris (Honest Mums) full vlog about the event below:


The only negative about this event was that I would have liked it to last longer!

Take a look at both of their websites below: