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How to meditate



The initial energy is about building a good habit. Once a good habit is built it takes a significantly less amount of effort.

The second is the power of habitual associations, you must make sure you do not build the correlation in your brain of meditation and sleep. If you feel tired at any point get up, meditation is over for this session. There is no harm in finishing early. Do not judge the time period of your meditation it will always differ.

Thirdly make sure you are getting more than enough sleep. When you are building your habit you should be going to bed earlier than usual. Once the habit is build you can slowly start to go to bed at your normal time again.

When to meditate?

I like to meditate first thing in the morning and a few hours before bed in the evening. It may be best to start off having one meditation session per day and then building up to more as and when you feel comfortable to do so.

In the morning I suggest waking up and practicing gratitude for a few minutes. All this entails is thinking of 1-3 positive things that you are grateful for in your life. They can be as big or small as you like. Make this a habit so that you wake up feeling positive and grateful every day. I like to get up and brush my teeth and then meditate for 30 minutes. I have tried showering and eating before meditation but I find my mind is calmer first thing in the morning.

In the evening I suggest eating after meditation. If you meditate on a full stomach this could cause un-comfort. Equally you don’t want to meditate when you are hungry as this will be all you can concentrate on during meditation. Treat meditation as you might the gym, empty your bladder and have a small snack before you train your mind.

How to get in the meditation mood?

I get asked this question so many times in a day. “How do I get prepared for meditation?” Meditation should not be seen as a chore. The more you do it the more excited by it you will get once you start seeing positive results in your life, which is the case for most things. We as humans like to see proof before we fully commit to anything!

Try and have a ‘meditation spot,’ I would recommend meditating in a different room to your bedroom so that you don’t build any affiliation to mediation and sleep but if this is not possible then find a spot in your room away from your bed. Make this spot somewhere inviting, maybe have a special meditation cushion or some candles and incense you can burn that will automatically start telling your brain it is time for meditation once your receptors see or smell these things. If you are going to use smells use Dosha specific smells to comfort you.

What type of meditation should I do?

There are many different ways to meditate. My personal preference is primordial sound meditation where you repeat a specific mantra in your head this brings peace as it is a comforting sound to you. If you do not yet have your own primordial sound mantra you can get in contact at wiidlo@outlook.com to be given yours. For more information on primordial sound meditation click here

A simple type of meditation is to simply clear your mind of thoughts every time your mind starts to wander gently push aside that thought and focus on your breathing.

Guided meditation is also a great way to start meditating if you are just starting out. I would suggest the Deepak Chopra & Oprah Winfrey CD or Wayne Dier’s Wishes Fulfilled CD both are two of my favorites.

Step by step meditation

Find a comfortable place to sit some people like to lie down but I would not recommend this as it is too similar to sleeping.

I would set a timer for 30 mins now.

Close your eyes.

When I begin any meditation session I like to focus on my breathing for 5 minutes. Get into a rhythm of breathing in into your stomach so that it fills up with air like a balloon and breathing out to release all the air in your lungs. Try making a sound whilst you breathe out for maximum effect.

Silently ask yourself “who am I?”, “what do I want?”, “what is my purpose? what is my dharma?” allow the answers to flow to you and don’t judge them just accept them.

Breathe in deeply for 8 seconds filling up your stomach like a balloon and exhale for 8 seconds.

You may now begin your meditation.

Once you hear the timer go off do not open your eyes if you can. Turn off the timer.

Chant Aum 3 times to awaken all your senses again. I like to raise my hands together above my head and then down into my heart to take in all the good energy I have been emitting through my session.

You can finish your session with another deep breath. Don’t forget to smile 🙂


Do not judge your meditation every session will be different. Listen to what your body is telling you. Listen to what your soul is trying to say. If you are feeling particularly negative emotions whether that be due to health or emotional well being you may feel more un-comfortable as the toxins leave your body but try to relax & enjoy it. Remember ridding your body of toxins will make the next session easier.