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Bliss Juice Cleanse Review

There are a few different companies under the name of ‘bliss juice’ the one I am reviewing is:


Why I wanted to do a juice cleanse?

I decided I wanted to do a juice cleanse in order to create a good base for the lifestyle changes I had decided to take. I recently decided to cut out dairy, meat and most wheat products (for the most part!)

I wanted to do a juice cleanse to help my body to alkalize as opposed to try and lose weight. I had been told that doing a juice cleanse will help you to maximise your energy, clear your skin, lose weight and boost your immune system., who doesn’t want to do all of that stuff?!

Before I was educated on juicing I’ll admit I was hesitant. I thought it sounded like starving yourself, when in reality you are doing the opposite. Juicing gives your body a break! It gives your body all the nutrients it needs so that you are not wasting energy processing food that is difficult to breakdown. Allowing your body time to concentrate on eliminating toxins you did not have the energy to break down previously. I look at it like a mini retreat for your body!


Why I initially chose Bliss Juice Cleanse?

Why do most of us choose the products we choose? In all honesty I chose Bliss Juice Cleanse predominantly because it was recommended to me by a good friend who is a nutritionist and personal trainer. She had really good results from it and had said it was affordable with great results.

Another reason was that Bliss Juice Cleanse were able to do a next day delivery of my juices.  This is important to me as I can quickly lose momentum. If I decide to do something I need to do it there and then or else I most likely won’t achieve it.

I liked that the juices came pre-packed and pre-made so all I had to do was follow what juices to take when.

I want to stress that I was not doing this cleanse in order to lose weight BUT I was interested to see if weight loss would occur whilst on the cleanse, I assumed it would.  So I decided I would measure the longevity, if any, of the weight loss too which you can read in ‘what happened after the Bliss Juice Cleanse’ section.

The price for Bliss Juice Cleanse is amazing in comparison to all the other cleanses I have seen that contain the same ingredients!


What happened before starting Bliss Juice Cleanse?

The juices arrive in a cooling box with lots of little cooling bags and were definitely still cold when I opened the box.

You get sent 15 juices:


3 x PEARfect

3 x ORANGinal

3 x UnBEETable

3 x SKALEup

3 x MELONade


You don’t get sent a hard copy of the manual this gets emailed to you; I personally would have preferred to have had something I could have kept so that I did not have to keep referring to my emails.


What happened during Bliss Juice Cleanse?

During the cleanse I kept an hourly journal on what I was doing and feeling this can be found at the bottom of this review.


I found this day a breeze! The juices ALL tasted delicious which was a surprise to me, I was expecting the worst! I personally don’t like beetroot so I was dreading ‘unBEETable’ it turned out tasting quite sweet and not what I expected. Proof not to ever judge a book by its cover!

I didn’t feel tired or hungry on this day I even watched a friend cook and eat without having a nervous breakdown.  My skin on this day did breakout more so than normal.


I woke up today feeling very congested and as though I was getting ill. I knew this was my body’s way of releasing all the toxins inside me so I didn’t worry. My meditation in the morning left me feeling overheated, again another way the toxins were being released.

I found today really hard in terms of hunger, I ended up having a bowl of mushroom soup. It was homemade so it was pretty much a bowl of water and mushrooms; I think I missed the action of eating more than the food itself. I only managed a few mouthfuls before getting full (and feeling guilty).

The rest of the day went fine I felt congested but my energy levels were OK. My skin has completely gone down from Day1.


This was by far my hardest day. I felt really congested and as though I had a cold, I had a bad head and ear ache and my sinus’s felt inflamed. I understood this meant all the toxins were being released from my body so I did not worry about taking medicines. On the other hand my skin looks and feels a lot smoother than it did before I begun the cleanse though.

I did not feel hungry today but I did feel lethargic and ill so I would suggest being at home on Day3 so you can rest if needs be.


What happened after Bliss Juice cleanse?

At the start of the cleanse 13/04/16 I weighed 9stone. At the end of the cleanse on 16/06/16 morning I weighed 8stone5pounds. I lost 7pounds in 3days whilst on the cleanse. This was with minimal exercise as you can see above; I am used to doing high intensity work outs which I did not do whilst on the Bliss Juice Cleanse.  If you are doing this cleanse for weight loss purposes I would definitely suggest it. Did I keep the weight off I hear you asking? It has been a few days since the cleanse and I have put on a pound which I think is normal as your weight can fluctuate between 1-2pounds daily from water weight. I personally don’t think juice diets are a sustainable way to keep weight off. I do think they are an amazing way to start to any health kick or diet.

The juice cleanse not only helped the alkalinity of my body to drastically shift but it also helped my mind-set to shift. The day after I finished the cleanse I had a vegetable juice with added udos oil and wheatgrass for dinner, not because I was afraid to eat solid food but because I was listening to my body which we can often forget to do. In today’s society we are so conditioned that we have to have 3 meals a day or a salad or a juice will not “fill us up,” these are all limiting beliefs we tell ourselves to keep ourselves in the dark of what we are actually doing to ourselves.

I asked my body “am I actually hungry” which I knew the answer was no. I asked “do I need energy,” I knew the answer was yes so I gave my body the energy that it needed to fuel itself in the quickest way. A smoothie would mean the body had the least amount of digesting to do.

A few days on I defiantly feel like I have so much extra energy I am getting up 2 hours earlier than I normally do with complete ease. I am someone who has suffered from ‘hormone imbalances’ and ‘acne’ all my life my skin looks better than it ever has before. On the whole I feel rejuvenated, focussed and a whole lot better, oh and all cold like symptoms are gone! I 100% recommend it.



-Drink water continuously throughout the day (add lemon or ginger or fresh mint or turmeric or a mixture of two or three so you don’t get bored of having the same thing)

-Take time to listen to what your body is trying to tell you whether that be through meditation or exercise

-Do the cleanse over a weekend if you work so that you have Saturday and Sunday to lie down and relax if you need to

-Weigh yourself the morning before you start and the morning once you have finished don’t bother weighing yourself every day to see a difference

-Take supplements of: Omega 3,6,9 (udos oil is a good way to get all 3) and wheatgrass.

-Have an open mind! If David Blaine can survive on just water for 44days you can do a 3 day juice cleanse. Make sure you are positive and in a good mind-set before you start. Look forward to it don’t see it as a chore. REMEMBER: this is doing your body wonders!

Photo 15-04-2016, 21 20 59


Full 3Day Journal

I had hot water throughout the day with either lemon, turmeric, ginger, mint or a mixture so this is not mentioned in my journal.

DAY1: 13/04/2016           

08:00     Large glass of water

08:30     Hot water with large slice of lemon. Then meditated 20mins.

09:00     I went for a run

09:30     One teaspoon of melted Ghee + PEARfect bliss juice. The juice is delicious really nice

09:45     Hot water with lemon, ginger, turmeric



11:30     I had scheduled in to have my juice now but I don’t feel hungry at all I am pushing it back to 12:00 I am also very conscious of how alert I am in comparison to normal

12:00     at 10 past 12 I finally forced myself to have my second juice ORANGinal

12:30     at 12:20 I have had my second juice I’m not sure if I’m hungry or not, I feel like it has made me hungry having the juice which is slightly confusing. The juice is nice but not as nice as the PEARfect one.


13:30     I started to feel hungry now but I more wanted something to chew on as opposed to eat

14:00     I had scheduled to have my juice at this point but did not feel hungry for it yet


15:30     I had my juice now UnBEETable. This is the juice that looked the least attractive to me. I thought with it being Beet it wouldn’t taste nice, I actually really enjoyed it. It left me feeling a great buzz!

16:00     I am so surprised at how I haven’t collapsed yet. Why am I raring to go!? This is amazing


18:00     When I was getting ready to go out I did notice my skin was exceptionally bad in comparison to what it normally is- unsure if this is due to the juice or not

19:00     I had my ‘dinner’ juice ‘upsKALE’ now just before I was going out to meet a friend

20:00     I sat through my friend cooking a full meal and of course had a few pangs to want to eat but it was fine! I had my last juice ‘MELONade’ and two large glasses of water to stop any hunger pains




00:00    I got home about this time and because I am in the habit of having a midnight snack when I get home after being out I automatically reached for the fridge, then remembered! I had a large glass of water before getting ready for bed.


DAY2: 14/04/2016           

08:00     I woke up in a bad state quite congested was not sure why- I normally meditate before bed so I thought it may be this? It could be the juice getting rid of all the toxins in my body, I have heard this can happen.  I did not wake up hungry at all though!


09:00     I went for a run to change my mood

09:30     I had a spoon full of melted ghee, hot water and my ‘PEARfect’ juice

09:45     Looking in the mirror my skin has definitely calmed down since yesterday- not as raised



11:30     I am starting to get a headache and feel a bit sick- not hungry but a little bit lethargic

12:00     I had my second juice ‘ORANGinal’ just before 12 as I was not feeling well so thought the nutrients would help

12:30     I still feel quite hungry – I don’t think I have drunk enough water so downing 3 glasses now


13:30     I’m finding it quite hard and am starting to get really hungry


14:30     Feeling very weak and have a throbbing headache. Going to take my ‘unBEETable’ juice soon.

15:00     I cannot stress the importance of water if you are doing this- after 2 cups of water I feel so much better

15:30     I have had my ‘unBEETable’ juice still feeling quite hungry


16:30     I had a bowl of homemade mushroom soup. I succumbed to the hunger pains. Although I only manage a few spoonful’s before I felt full!



19:00     I had my ‘upsKALE’ juice now I wasn’t hungry to have it but I thought I may need the nutrients

20:00     I went for a 1 hour walk

21:00     I feel very congested as though I have a cold

22:00     I had my last juice now, ‘MELONade’ even though I wasn’t hungry I wanted the nutrients. I feel very alert and driven!

22:30     I did pranayama relaxing breathing techniques and 15mins meditation before bed


00:00     I woke up in the night with a bad headache, I used some tiger balm on my temples to avoid taking medicine, this helped



08:00     I woke up feeling awful, as though I had cold all the toxins must be coming out of my body

08:30     I had a hot cup of water, lemon, honey, ginger, turmeric and then went for a hot shower to release any congestion

09:00     I practiced pranayama energising breath and meditated for 30mins.  I had my ‘PEARfect’ juice it took me longer to drink than usual as I didn’t feel hungry enough to drink it







12:30     I had my ‘ORANGinal’ juice now although I didn’t feel hungry for it. Energy levels were good but still felt congested

13:00     I find myself wanting to eat more than actually being hungry- I’m more craving the physical activity of eating

13:30     I think keeping yourself busy is a big key to doing a juice cleanse because I’m starting to feel hungry even though I just had a juice. My sinuses do feel congested including my ears

14:00     I had to lie down as my ear was really hurting


15:00     I fell asleep for an hour, which I NEVER do. I NEVER normally nap.


16:00     Woke up and had my ‘unBEETable’ juice did feel better after this. Don’t think I have had enough water today so made sure I had 2 more glasses



18:00     I went for a long walk to try and shift my cold like symptoms

19:00     Sat and watched my whole family eat dinner and had my ‘upsKALE’ juice, my will power has definitely strengthened



22:00     Excited to eat breakfast tomorrow I have already planned it! Feeling good and proud of myself

22:30    I remembered I had not drunk my ‘MELONade’ but I was too tired to get out of bed and have it. I will save it for another day!




I am not a nutritionist all information is completely my own opinion.