• Qualified meditation instruction taught by Deepak Chopra from the Chopra Centre, SanDiego.  
  • Qualified Yoga Instructor 200hrs taught in the Himalayas, Rishikesh, India. 
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming accredited by Strategic Brain.
  • CASHE 3 qualified in order to work with children and young people. 
  • Contributing Author of ‘The Best Life.‘ Amazon best seller.


“Shaleena delivers excellent meditation classes. Well thought out meditation lessons with a clear objective in each lesson. Using a mixture of visual imagery , kinetic and auditory processes she ensures success. Her inclusion of extensive breathing exercises supplements her classes. Finally her support continues in between lessons with any ideas or articles she feels will help. Highly recommend her.”

“The realist, most down-to-earth, meditation & spiritual leader EVER. Her ethos and mentality is inspiring. Every meditation session is different & Shaleena ensures she brings in a mixture of all techniques to enthuse all in attendance. She is a remarkable human & I hope she can continue changing more peoples lives how she has impacted mine.”

“Working with Shaleena in a nursery environment and watching her win over all the children through her beautiful songs and games was inspiring. She has a very different approach to teaching yoga and meditation. Cannot recommend enough”