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What is NLP?

NLP stands for neuro linguistic programming it was founded by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the 1970s. NLP teaches us how to create our own reality, how to control our minds and create our own thinking systems not those that may have been thrust upon us.

In the simplest of terms think about something you want to stop doing and think about something you want to start doing, NLP equips you with the tools to do both.

Where was I trained?

I trained with Steve Linder founder of Strategic Brain (formally known as SRI University). Steve Linder is one of the top personal and organizational performance strategists in the world. Steve is considered to have the highest standards world wide of Neuro Strategy graduates.

“If you want average results find someone good, if you want good results find someone great, if you want outstanding results find someone outstanding.” –Anthony Robbins

This has become one of the mantras I live my life by and the reason why I chose to study neuro strategies with Steve Linder. When I booked to do the course it was purely because a wildly successful female entrepreneur I had the chance to speak to said Steve was the best of the best and I understood why once I finished the course.

Steve Linder explains that in anything any of us want to achieve success leaves behind clues and more importantly strategies that we can use to get to where we want.

Steve teaches not only the strategies to use to get what we want from life but also the knowledge behind the strategies he equips you with. The way we were taught by Steve was to overload our unconscious minds with so much information that it stuck.

Although I am a certified Neuro Linguistic Programmer I will always believe that it is not the techniques or tools you use to help others, it is the feeling that you leave the other person with.

Remember; it does not matter what we know, but instead what we do.

If you are looking to study NLP at Strategic Brain get in contact at wiidlo@outlook.com and I can refer you accordingly.